One thought on “606. Ageless Theatre: ROSAS Project

  1. Katharina Mastromarino ()

    Dear Anne Teresa,
    Thanks to my boss who is Belgian and recommended us your upcoming program I consulted your website. By living in Switzerland I was wondering if you will have a performance one day here too. Then I spotted this lovely video here.
    Thank you so much for sharing it! It can motivate everyone to just dance – dance in his personal way no matter if professional or hobby dancer – older, younger or even handicapped since using the chair is a great “instrument”. I am a passionate modern dancer since 30+ years. After my hip-joint surgery I felt backwards and was slowly progressing. After 3+ years I am back at a – for myself – good level. This experience showed me, no matter if you are handicapped, not very flexible etc. there is always a way to move your body – to dance in your own way. This video gave me the inspiration to work with the mentally handicapped persons (which I already do) even in another way such as using the chair for dance which gives them the opportunity to experience body moves in another form. Some of them can’t stand all the time and then they sit on a bench/chair – well, in this case I give them inspiration to continue moving in their own way – so simple and so inspiring ! :-))

    Heel veel dank/dankuwel
    Greetz – Katharina

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